The Official Gazette of the Valencian Community has published this Wednesday the decree of the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, which provides for the “cessation” of the Vice President and Minister of Equality and Inclusive Policies. In this way, the regional government has made the departure of Mónica Oltra official eight days after the leader of Compromís announced her resignation after being charged in the case investigating the alleged cover-up of sexual abuse of a minor for which he was convicted. five years in prison her ex-husband Luis Eduardo Ramírez Icardi.

The decree specifies that Mónica Oltra “also ceases as secretary and spokesperson for the Consell, thanking her for the services provided.”

In parallel, the Official Gazette of the Valencian Community has published the decree of appointment of Aitana Mas, who assumes all the functions that Mónica Oltra performed in the Generalitat until now.

[Aitana Mas, ‘temporary’ substitute for Mónica Oltra: “I hope she can return to the front line as soon as possible”]

The transfer of portfolios between the two Compromís policies (both are part of the Initiative party that is integrated into the coalition) will take place this Thursday. Aitana Mas was traveling abroad when it was reported that she would take over from Oltra and contracted coronavirus, which, together with the delay in the decree that formalized the departure of her predecessor, delayed the process.

Mónica Oltra also made effective her resignation from her deputy act last week, with which the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community suspended her statement as a defendant, scheduled for July 6. By losing her status as an appraisal, the procedural situation of the already former vice president of the Generalitat remains in the hands of the Court of Instruction number 15 of Valencia.