The Fhimasa team from the José Luis de Ugarte Sailing School of the Real Club Marítimo del Abra-Real Sporting Club, as well as the sailor Manolo Rey-Baltar, were among those distinguished at the 2022 Biscay Sports Awards, which recognize sporting merits obtained during the year 2021 by Biscayan and Biscayan athletes, technical personnel, entities and events that have stood out for their support of Base Sports. And in this aspect the Biscayan Club is an example.

Manolo Rey-Baltar and Borja Reig were proclaimed European Junior Champions of the Snipe class in September 2021 after the competition held in Almería. Last season was very special for Manolo Rey-Baltar, who in July was also junior world champion in Denmark in the J80 class together with Tomás Trueba, Silvia Marcé, Perico Basterra and Nicolás Viar.

Manolo Rey-Baltar and Borja Reig were also fourth in the Spanish Championship of the Snipe class in Gran Canaria.

The Fhimasa Escuela de Vela José Luis de Ugarte was recognized in the category of team sport, while Manolo Rey-Baltar in the category of young promises. All the people awarded and recognized at the Bizkaia fronton have contributed during the 2021 financial year to promoting and disseminating physical-sports activity. Manolo Rey-Baltar, his teammates Tomás Trueba, Nicolás Viar and Perico Basterra, the president of the R.C.M.A.-R.S.C. Manu Sendagorta, Commodore José Azqueta, manager Roberto Delgado and sports director Eduardo García-Santamarina, who appear in the image together with the mayor of Getxo Amaia Agirre and councilor Álvaro González.