The Diputación de Alicante will allocate 120,000 euros this year to improving the natural environment in sports hunting reserves supervised by non-profit hunting managers. The provincial institution has created this call for aid for the first time this year, whose application submission period is now open and ends on July 1.

“Agroforestry ecosystems have seen their quality reduced from the point of view of fauna and biodiversity due to the abandonment of traditional agriculture, grazing or cultivation of terraces,” said the deputy responsible for the area, Miguel Ángel Sánchez, who He added that, for this reason, from the Diputación «we want to promote the creation of quality agricultural ecosystems, encourage traditional planting for fauna, diverse in species, without pesticides and without harvesting in summer, and maintain resilient agroforestry landscapes against the fires”.

Among the actions that will be subsidized are the clearing of terraces for planting and fire prevention; the harrowing, the deep working of the land; the sowing of cereal, legumes and sunflower or the organic amendment with manure and the fertilization of the land with inorganic fertilizers.

In order to join this program, hunting managers must be registered in the registry of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration as non-profit entities.