Beyond the media maelstrom around the judicial investigation that investigates the management of the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies and the resolution of the appeal presented to the Supreme Court by Luis Eduardo Ramírez Icardi -ex-husband of Mónica Oltra-, to annul the trial in the one who was sentenced to five years, María Teresa T. M., victim of sexual abuse, recounts the suffering and the precarious economic situation that she experiences daily: «We need help».

In a small apartment located in the Valencian neighborhood of Benimàmet, Maite, as they also know her, lives with her father, her partner and her fourteen-month-old baby. In addition, she is waiting for the arrival of her second child, from which she will be due on July 16, although she believes that she can go ahead.

“I have lived on the street and the people who live in it make me feel sorry,” the victim of sexual abuse when she was a minor under the guardianship of the Generalitat Valenciana told ABC. She acknowledges having felt “abandoned” by the Public Administration. Currently, she does not have a job and she is awaiting the resolution of a lawsuit that she filed against the Ministry of Health for unfair dismissal when she worked at the Torrevieja hospital, which does not “allow her to request aid and subsidies.”

Meanwhile, the four of them subsist at home – starting next month, five – with their father’s salary, although he admits that “he can’t afford all the expenses.” Pedro, his partner, “works on the days that they call him in the assembly of fairs”, but clarifies that “there are very few”, so he “is looking for a permanent job”.

“We are going to Cáritas, the Red Cross and everywhere we can,” he explains. Although, he acknowledges that “the important thing, for now, is that the child can eat.” Faced with this precarious situation, she has opened a Bizum to receive aid at number 670742251, while the Generalitat unblocks the pending compensation that Maite is claiming, which amounts to 240,000 euros for the abuse she suffered from Oltra’s previous partner.

As for the accusation of Mónica Oltra in the judicial investigation, which has caused her resignation as vice president of the Valencian Executive, the victim demands “justice for covering up” her complaint and assures “not to hold a grudge against her”, but she does reproach her for her lack of ” empathy” with her.

Recalling the episodes of sexual abuse she suffered five years ago at the Niño Jesús reception center, she says that she felt “abandoned.” A feeling that has spread over time due to the statements of some ministers such as Yolanda Díaz and Irene Montero, who came out in defense of Oltra and ignored her status as a real victim of the case. “She makes me think that I don’t exist. It’s not that they don’t talk about me, it’s that they don’t seem to believe anything.”

Regarding the evolution of the judicial process, the Prosecutor’s Office considers that Oltra’s actions in this case could constitute prevarication, omission of the duty to prosecute crimes and abandonment of minors. At the moment, up to fourteen people, including senior officials from the Ministry, are charged.