Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced during a recent livestream that a new ‘Avoid Highways’ feature will be added to the in-car navigation system. This addition will provide Tesla drivers with more options when planning their routes.

While Tesla’s in-car navigation system is already advanced and user-friendly, it currently lacks some features that are available on other navigation apps like Apple Maps and Google Maps. By adding the ‘Avoid Highways’ feature, Tesla is addressing this gap and providing a more comprehensive navigation experience for its users.

In addition to this new feature, Tesla has been consistently updating its in-car navigation system with enhancements like ‘marks’ to identify accidents and road closures. These updates help drivers navigate more efficiently and avoid unexpected delays during their journeys.

Elon Musk did not specify when the ‘Avoid Highways’ feature would be rolled out, but it is expected to be integrated into the system in the near future. Tesla’s software team is known for their ability to quickly develop and implement new features, so drivers can look forward to this update soon.

Overall, the addition of the ‘Avoid Highways’ feature shows Tesla’s commitment to providing an exceptional driving experience for its customers. With continuous updates and improvements to its navigation system, Tesla is ensuring that drivers have access to the latest technology and tools to enhance their journeys.

If you have any thoughts or questions about this upcoming feature, feel free to reach out to Tesla or share your feedback with us. Stay tuned for more updates on Tesla’s navigation system and other exciting developments in the automotive industry.