Researchers from Harvard University and Montana Technological University have put forward a bold theory suggesting that there may be a hidden population of technologically advanced beings living among humans on Earth. This mysterious group could be living in secret, possibly underground or on the Moon, or even disguising themselves as humans. While the researchers acknowledge that their idea may be met with skepticism, they are calling on the scientific community to approach it with an open mind.

The scientists propose the existence of “remnant forms,” an ancient civilization with advanced technology that is coexisting with humans. Additionally, they suggest the possibility of a non-human underground civilization, potentially descendants of intelligent dinosaurs. Furthermore, the researchers mention the idea of hidden occupants on Earth, similar to earthbound angels or fairies, who may have traveled here from elsewhere.

These speculations come in the wake of recent UFO sightings and whistleblower testimonies, such as that of David Grusch, who claimed to have been threatened and silenced regarding a secret government-run program to retrieve crashed UFOs. Former House Representative Mike Gallagher has also hinted at the possibility of an ancient civilization revealing itself through these UFO sightings.

The researchers urge the scientific community to consider their hypothesis with humility and an open mind, despite the potential controversy it may stir. This theory opens up a realm of possibilities regarding the existence of extraterrestrial beings living among us, hidden from plain sight. As we continue to unravel the mysteries of the universe, the idea of secret UFO civilizations here on Earth challenges our understanding of reality and prompts us to question what lies beyond the known.