It’s a terrible surprise. I spoke to her recently, a few weeks ago. Because we called each other often. “You have classes? Where are you going? Let’s meet”. We were in master classes together until she got sick. Now it’s been a long time since we sang on stage.

My condolences to all her family and to those who loved Teresita. For me it was Teresita, I called her Teresita.

The news of his disappearance has been a very unpleasant surprise. We were friends, we always were. She was one of the most important mezzo of the 20th century, very emblematic, Teresa is history…

I’m so sorry.

If we didn’t coincide in the opera houses it was because we didn’t do the same repertoire and she had left the stage many years ago. But we performed at the Barcelona Olympics, with all that music that Antoni Parera prepared with leading Spanish singers. But she was a colleague even if we hadn’t sung together. She was always so cheerful and fun. I had great admiration for him.

He always said… “When I hear an album of mine I think… how well he did it! But why was he so afraid?

She also had that fear and that respect for what we do… anyway.

And in turn, everyone had a lot of respect for Teresita, but she did not play the diva. She was friendly and cheerful. With an impressive career.