Apple Introduces Tap to Cash Feature at WWDC 2024

Apple made a significant announcement at the WWDC 2024 keynote, unveiling a new feature called Tap to Cash. This feature allows users to pay for items by simply tapping two iPhones together. It is an extension of Apple Pay’s Tap to Pay feature and utilizes the devices’ NFC functionality to transfer money securely without sharing personal information.

While Apple is not the first to offer this feature, the implications for standalone payment platforms like Square remain to be seen. In addition to Tap to Cash, Apple also introduced the ability to customize icons and a new password manager app.

The WWDC 2024 keynote also highlighted updates to Apple’s SDKs, including new APIs and frameworks. However, older iPhones or users of iPhone 15 may not be able to access these new features. Siri is also set to integrate ChatGPT for expert advice, while Apple Intelligence will enhance messaging conversations.

Moreover, the new MacOS Sequoia and VisionOS were announced, offering innovative features such as mirroring the iPhone screen on a Mac and controlling it. With VisionOS 2 coming as a free update to Vision Pro, Apple continues to push the boundaries of technology.

Overall, WWDC 2024 showcased Apple’s commitment to innovation and user experience, setting the stage for a new era of mobile technology.