He arrived on the stage of L’Olympia de Montréal singing, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and pink pants in the colors of summer. “It was my mother who dressed me tonight,” said Richardson Zéphir with a smile at the start of the show.

Simply titled Zéphir, this excellent first solo show allowed those who had known the comedian during his participation in the show Big Brother Celebrities last year, as well as those who discovered him for the first time on stage, to have a great time with a friendly and approachable comedian.

Haitian origins

“I’m excited, but still a little scared, because every time there’s a comedian on stage for a while, he gets mugged,” he added, referring to the incident. between Chris Rock and Will Smith at the last Oscars ceremony and the more recent aggression of American comedian Dave Chappelle on stage.

The 44-year-old artist was in great shape, sailing from one theme to another with sympathetic ease, offering a very comical dancing and singing number and another, totally improvised composed of words thrown from the public at the end of the show.

“Lying is a little trick I learned at Big Brother,” the 2021 Big Brother Celebrities People’s Choice winner launched before presenting a full issue dedicated to his TV appearance. reality.

His Haitian origins (several good jokes betting on the fact that he has black skin were thrown during the evening), his childhood in Laval (“where the douchebags were born!”), his trip to France, his large family , his first job as a pedal boat rental manager in the Old Port of Montreal, his celibacy, vegetarianism, his fear of bees, hairs and chicanes furnished this one hour and forty show without intermission.

If Richardon Zéphir has repeatedly used tones of voice and expression reminiscent of the Quebec translation of that of Eddie Murphy, it is because the American comedian and actor was a great inspiration to him.

Special mentions for the issue recounting his elementary years spent in Laval and the one on the Church and a Jesus of today who would take part in an “Easter Challenge”.

Richardson Zéphir continues his tour across Quebec.