This Sunday, the clocks will be set again from winter time to summer time: According to a recent survey, a quarter of Germans have had health problems after the time change. This is shown by a representative Forsa survey commissioned by DAK-Gesundheit.

For almost half of them, these problems last up to a week. According to the survey, the most common complaints are tiredness and exhaustion, followed by sleep disorders and difficulty concentrating.

On Sundays the clocks are put forward from two to three o’clock at night. From then on, summer time will apply again in all European countries. Daylight saving time was introduced in the Federal Republic of Germany in 1980 as a reaction to the oil crisis in order to save energy.

As the survey showed, three quarters of those surveyed consider the time change to be superfluous and would do away with it. More than half prefer a permanent summer time. According to the information, workers in particular made this choice. Only 37 percent vote for the winter time – actually the normal time.

For the survey, 1,008 people nationwide were interviewed from February 22nd to 24th.