2.5 billion. This is the amount that Stellantis and Samsung SDI will invest to bring out of the ground a production plant of lithium-ion batteries in the United States. The site will be located in Kokomo, Indiana and should be operational from 2025. In total, it will create 1,400 new jobs. It could only be a first step. The initial production of 23 gigawatt-hours (GWh), should be increased in a second stage to 33 GWh. The automaker hopes to “strengthen” its capacity “to produce batteries on a global scale” and accelerate the shift towards less carbon energy.

This decision to invest in the world’s leading power makes sense for the two giants, as Yoonho Choi, President and CEO of Samsung SDI recalls, North America is “growing” in the electric vehicle segment.

Stellantis has set ambitious goals for the development of electricity. The group hopes to sell 5 million per year of these vehicles equipped with a battery from 2030.