The RATP predicts traffic “severely disrupted on the bus and tram network” on Wednesday, the third day of a drivers’ strike, while a separate social movement will affect metro lines 3 and 13 in the evening. The RATP plans “on average seven trams out of 10 and only at peak times depending on the lines” and warns that for buses, “some lines will be interrupted”, according to the company’s Twitter account. On the other bus lines, there will be “on average two out of three buses with variations depending on the sector”.

For more than a year, the RATP has been negotiating with the unions to adapt the working conditions of its 18,000 machinists (bus and tram drivers) to the opening up to competition. No agreement having been reached, the management announced at the beginning of May that it would take unilateral measures. Three days of strike are planned, until Wednesday, at the call of all the unions. At the same time, metro lines 3 and 13 will see the last trains leave at 8 p.m. from each terminus and line 3bis will be closed all day on Wednesday, according to the RATP website. This social movement is linked to discussions on the remuneration of management.