The national gas system has reserves that account for 66% of its entire capacity, a percentage that will have to be raised to 80% in the fall due to EU requirements after the war between Russia and Ukraine. Spain has a third of all the natural gas reserves available in Europe, as highlighted this morning by Joan Batalla, president of Sedigás, the association that brings together all the companies in the sector.

Battle has stated that the gas supply is “guaranteed” in our country thanks to the “diversification” of the Spanish system (we receive gas from 14 sources) and because we have “a modern and resilient infrastructure”, such as regasification plants. Spain has 25% of all European regasification capacity.

Although we have guaranteed gas supply, what is not guaranteed are prices, which will remain around 70 euros per MWh, compared to the average of 40 and 50 euros in 2021.

For this reason, Sedigas insists on applying “the European regulations that are not yet in place”, such as the reduction of taxes, in relation to VAT and the tax on Hydrocarbons. “We regret that taxation has not been lowered for vulnerable consumers,” he stressed.

Regarding the decree that will limit the price of gas for electricity generation, Joan Batalla has insisted that this cap, which the EU has yet to endorse, “has to recognize the real costs of electricity generation from natural gas.”

Joan Batalla, who was accompanied by the general secretary of Sedigas, Naiara Ortíz de Mendíbil, highlighted that Spain could become a renewable gas hub (biomethane and biogas) in Europe, since it currently has the capacity to produce 122 TWh, more than a third of the total gas demand (378 TWh).