After 186 days in space, four astronauts from the “Crew 6” mission have returned to earth. The US space agency Nasa announced that its “Dragon” capsule landed shortly after midnight (local time) on Monday in the sea off the coast of the US state of Florida.

The Americans Stephen Bowen and Warren Hoburg, the Russian Andrei Fedjajew and the Emirati Sultan al-Nijadi left for the International Space Station ISS in early March. This was the repeated time that astronauts from both countries had flown into space together since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and the resulting immense tensions between the USA and Russia. “This international crew represented three nations,” said NASA boss Bill Nelson after their return. “But together they demonstrated humanity’s ambition to reach new cosmic shores.”

It was the first space flight for Hoburg, al-Nijadi and Fedjajew, and the fourth for Bowen. During their mission, they traveled around 79 million miles (127 million kilometers) and orbited the Earth 2976 times.