A La Rochelle victory on Saturday would consolidate the Top 14’s grip on Europe. It would be the third consecutive European Champions Cup Challenge double, after Toulon’s win over Lyon 30-12 on Friday. It would also confirm the rise of Stade La Rochelle in its pursuit of its first title.

Is it now or never at Stade Velodrome Ronan O’Gara, manager, likes to say that “I’m one the people who believes you have to keep knocking at the door. It’s going to open one morning.” Jonathan Sexton and his team would win the Irish Cup, which would give them the chance to win a fifth European star. This would be equal to the Toulouse record.

Leinster (40-17), knocked out the Rouge et Noir in the semi-finals this season. This was their fifth title, beating… La Rochelle (22-27) The Maritimes are a familiar sight in Marseille. They are the seventh team to reach two consecutive Champions Cup finals (after Brive and Leicester), Toulouse, Leinster. Toulon, Toulon, and the Saracens). Stade Rochelais is determined to make history.

“I have never enjoyed playing the ‘outsider/favorite game. Third international Gregory Alldritt said that although it is difficult, there is always a final. He said, “I love it. Having a challenge like this and having to exceed ourselves We are an team that likes being in the shadows. They make the forecasts lie.”

The Irish are unplayable because of the opposite. They have been defeated only six times in all competitions this season, one of which was on the green-carpet. It’s a very clinical team. It’s school what they offer. Things repeated, repeated, but it’s so effective that it’s very effective. Alldritt said that Leinster is three-quarters the Ireland team’s identity and are a significant part of it.

“It is up to us to stop the machine, attack them. She quickly throws the ball on her feet when she is attacked, or when she fails to set up her game, and she’s able to stop the machine. In Toulouse, the Dublin franchise scored 40-17 points and Montpellier scored 89-7 during the group stage.

The Rochelais, despite their powerful pack, did not start in the final, which was the sixth for the Irish. Even though they won the Irish province 32-23, last season. Even if they’ve never lost to an Irish team in France.

The men of Leo Cullen are able to present arguments, starting with the stainless Jonathan Sexton and the tireless Josh van der Flier. The Irish are under pressure to win their first European title since 2018. Van der Flier stated, “I don’t think we feel any additional pressure. That’s not how it feels.” “We are eager to be back in the final and hungry to win the trophy, but I don’t feel any extra pressure. It is a difficult competition to win. The squad has many players who have never been to a European final, so it’s exciting,” said the Irish international.

We know what to expect from the La Rochelle side. Ronan O’Gara, manager, said that “We have a strategy.” “I won’t reveal the plan, but it is something that we can all believe in. The players’ attitude is what is most interesting. He said, “We respect the challenge, we take this week seriously, make good preparations so that there are no regrets.” Impossible isn’t Rochelais?