Winner in three sets of Thompson (6-2, 6-2, 6-2), Rafael Nadal was not very talkative about the state of his foot injury which spoiled his preparation for the Paris tournament. The Spaniard admitted, however, that he still lacked confidence. “Of course when you win in Monte-Carlo, Madrid and Rome, you have self-confidence, it’s easier. The more victories and tournaments you have, the more self-confidence you have, and the opponent feels it too. As a result, we are more used to being at the level of play that we must have to win. Things are different. I also didn’t expect to win 15 Monte-Carlo and 15 Rome. This is the situation today. I have taken a wound: what is past is past. We are now at Roland-Garros, and I will try to do my best. As for my level of confidence, I don’t know what my level of confidence would be if I hadn’t picked up an injury. Nor will I procrastinate and think in conjectures. It’s a dangerous word when you say “if”. You have to accept the situation as it is today and then make every effort in training, day by day, to improve. And we’ll see what happens!”