Several contestants at a Miss Universe pageant in Indonesia have complained of sexual harassment. This is reported by the Reuters news agency. The women complained to the police that they had to undress in front of more than 20 people and then be examined for “tattoos, scars and cellulite,” according to a lawyer.

The women were photographed shirtless, after which five of them made allegations to the police. One of the women expressed shock because these examinations were not on the organizer’s schedule. One attendee said at a press conference that she was asked to pose inappropriately, including with her legs apart. “I felt like I was being watched, I was very confused and uncomfortable,” she said. According to the reports of a lawyer, it was male officials of the organizer who are said to have taken the photos. Additional evidence with videos and documents was handed over to the police.

The Miss Universe Indonesia event was hosted by a franchise of the global company that hosts the annual global finals. A statement from the global organization said they were aware of the complaint about the incidents in Indonesia. “Miss Universe takes the allegations of sexual abuse and inappropriateness very seriously,” the statement said. “Creating a safe place for women is a top priority for the Miss Universe organization and we are investigating this matter,” the statement said. The local police have also confirmed receipt of the complaint and will now begin their investigation.

Sources: Reuters, “CNN”