Southern German investigators have struck a blow against a Dutch gang, which is said to have blown up more than 50 ATMs in this country and stolen 5.2 million euros. “This is one of the largest actions against ATM blasters in the Netherlands,” said the Bavarian and Baden-Württemberg State Criminal Police Offices and the Bamberg Public Prosecutor’s Office together on Thursday in Munich. With the exception of one case in Thuringia, according to the current state of investigation, the perpetrators who have been active since November 2021 have always chosen ATMs in the two southern German states.

On Monday, the officers searched 16 buildings during a raid in the Dutch provinces of Utrecht and Limburg and in Belgium in cooperation with the local police. Nine men aged 25 to 41 who were wanted on an arrest warrant were arrested. Three more are currently being sought. “In addition, nine prepared explosive packages were discovered,” said operations manager Jürgen Harle from the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office.

“The perpetrators ruthlessly blast their way to the money, risk the lives of bystanders and destroy buildings,” said Baden-Württemberg’s Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) on the occasion of the arrests. The property damage is regularly higher than the loot. In the current series, it is said to be 6.5 million euros.