Oklahoma City has an important decision to make this offseason regarding Thunder guard Josh Giddey. Giddey had a challenging third season with the team, experiencing a decrease in minutes and struggling to find his rhythm. Despite this, he showed improvement as a shooter, with career-high percentages in 3-pointers and free throws.

The Thunder have the option to offer Giddey an extension or consider keeping him on the roster for the upcoming season. General Manager Sam Presti will be busy with draft picks and free agency moves leading up to late August, when a decision on Giddey’s future may be made.

One factor to consider is Giddey’s participation in the Paris Olympics this summer, where he will likely represent Australia. Waiting until after the Olympics could give the Thunder a better understanding of Giddey’s current performance level and potential trade value. Giddey played a significant role for Australia in the World Cup, showcasing his skills and leadership on the international stage.

While the Thunder may not retain Giddey without a long-term contract, his performance in the Olympics could impact contract negotiations. A strong showing could lead to demands that the Thunder may need to consider, while a poor performance could work in the team’s favor.

Ultimately, the Thunder will need to carefully evaluate Giddey’s future with the team, considering his recent performance, potential international success, and long-term goals for the franchise. Keeping an eye on his progress in the Paris Olympics could provide valuable insights for the team’s decision-making process.