The mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón, has verified ‘in situ’ this Thursday the completion of the repair works of the Templete de la Vega that the City Council has carried out to alleviate the damage caused by Filomena in this unique construction that will resume its activity next Saturday with a concert by the Diego Ortiz Youth Band at 9:00 p.m.

Milagros Tolón has also valued the restoration that is being carried out in the Casa de Corcho through the Workshop School that the Toledo City Council will turn into “a nature classroom open to the public”, at the same time that it has recalled that “the great Parque de la Vega project” is being finalized, which will be financed with European Next Generation funds and that it will renovate “our most emblematic historical park” while respecting the elements it already treasures.

This is the case of the pavilion, which is the result of the remodeling of the park in 1989, he explained, and which suffered great deterioration due to the snowstorm, leaving its entire roof collapsed. A space that will again host music band concerts starting this Saturday, and that is open to all those entities that want to use it well from a cultural or recreational point of view, Milagros Tolón pointed out.

As explained by the architect of the work, Javier Rojo, the pavilion presented some very serious pathologies, especially in the basement. “All the brick and the pigeon chest was broken by the cold”, he indicated, as well as the area of ​​the eaves that had lost the wooden lining, this element being vital for the acoustics in band concerts, and it presented a risk of drop.

To recover its condition, all the pieces have been reinforced and the roof has been covered again with the existing copper, said Javier Rojo, who has confessed that it has been “a challenge” to recover this architectural element that was built with “an eagerness social to democratize music for the people and make the late walks so typical in Spain at the end of the 19th century more bearable».

On the other hand, Milagros Tolón has alluded to the tree mass of Parque de la Vega that also suffered “great damage” by Filomena, as well as that of other parks and areas of the city. In this sense, he has announced that the local government is going to increase this year the budget allocated to the Tree Plan to alleviate the eliminations that have had to be carried out “with great regret” of trees that have not survived.

In this regard, he explained that the municipal technicians advised the government team to wait for these species to respond to see if they could be recovered. In fact, the Councilor for Parks and Gardens, Marta Medina, has specified that “everything that has not evolved favorably since Filomena is being eliminated” and has asked people “not to be scared”, because they are only acting in ” items that are dry.

To alleviate this loss, the City Council has established a “very ambitious” plan for plantations, with an increase in the budget, with a view to the plantation season, which is in October. According to the mayor, only native species will be replanted under environmental criteria so that they can withstand the climatic conditions that Toledo presents with high temperatures in summer and below zero in winter, conditions very different from those in the Mediterranean area.

The mayor has pointed out on this matter, that the technicians speak of the fact that in the 70s species were planted in an excessive way that “were not the most suitable for the area”, hence action had to be taken in this regard.

Finally, Milagros Tolón has indicated that the Parque de la Vega will once again recover important Corpus Christi and Fair events after having been paralyzed by the pandemic as the historical and emblematic park that it is, he pointed out.

Hence, the City Council has included its recovery in the European plans with a first phase that will renew the green space, the rose garden and the viewpoint, and a second, in which the wiring will be buried and the “totally cracked” pavement will be changed. . Always, respecting the current structure, the mayor has specified.