Macarena Olona, ​​Vox deputy in Parliament and the party’s candidate for the Andalusian regional elections, will resign in the coming weeks, specifically before June 3, from her act as deputy in Congress to focus on the electoral campaign for the Andalusian Parliament that starts that day.

In a concise statement, the far-right formation has reported that Olona will culminate “with her obligations” before, both as a national deputy and general secretary of the Vox parliamentary group, to later “close this stage” and “open the next one in Andalusia”.

Even in the case of a brief communication, Abascal’s party does not miss the opportunity to ensure that its deputy will carry out this procedure “unlike what other candidates from other parties present in Congress have done in recent years.”

The text also reports that Olona and his family will move to Andalusia, “relinquishing his position at the national level” and to focus “exclusively and fully” on his Andalusian political career. Something that the formation sees as “an unequivocal sign of his total commitment to Andalusia”.