Montserrat Candini has decided to end her stage as mayor of Calella. This morning, through the municipal registry, a letter has entered in which she announces that she is leaving the mayor’s office and that she also resigns from the act of councilor. She closes like this, 11 years as the first female mayor of the Consistory.

Candini assures that “the disease that I have been suffering from for months and that I am being treated for, is evolving very favorably but requires a longer time for its definitive control. This -continues Candini- prevents me from being able to dedicate myself to the city with all the strength and drive that it requires and which is what I had done until recently”.

In an appearance in the Plenary Hall of the City Council accompanied by the entire government, Candini thanked the work of his teammates during these years and also the colleagues from the Consistory who have been in opposition. “This is a team effort. Great transformations are never the work of one person, they are the work of an entire team. Those of us who are primarily responsible for leading and assuming responsibilities, but the projects belong to the groups and teams. From the governments that carry them out – he adds – and from the opposition groups that qualify, complement or amend them; they belong to everyone”.

In this speech he explained that his only political interest has always been the well-being of people, the progress and projection of Calella and the plenitude of Catalonia. “I humbly believe that he left behind a better Calella than the one I found.” (…) “For me it has been an honor and a privilege to be Mayor for 11 years and, once again, my most sincere thanks to all the teams of councilors who have accompanied me during this time. Thanks also -he says- to the civil servants and professionals who have facilitated this task”. Likewise, Mayor Montserrat Candini wishes luck and success to the next mayor of the city, a position that has accidentally been held by the first deputy mayor, Marc Buch.

Born in Barcelona on September 4, 1957. Married with a daughter. She is a civil servant of the Generalitat She has studied journalism and has a postgraduate degree in Political Science at the University of Barcelona. She has completed several specialization courses in Management Function in public and private organizations at ESADE (2003). She has made a stay in the US participating in an exchange program of the US government (2000). She has completed a specialization in the environment, energy and climate change at the University of Alcalá (2008), where she has also participated in the forum on the changing situation in the world economy (2009). She has completed the Executive Management Program for Parliamentarians at IE Business School (2011).

Member of the Directorate of PDeCAT as head of Institutional Relations and with Civil Society.

Mayor of Calella since the municipal elections of 2011. From 2015 to 2017 she was a deputy for Junts Pel Sí in the Parliament of Catalonia.

She has been deputy spokesperson for the Catalan Parliamentary Group of the CIU in the Senate in the 2008-2011 and 2011-2015 legislatures, where she has also been spokesperson for the Development Commission and the Autonomous Communities.

Previously, he had been chief of staff of the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (1996-2000); Director General of the Department of the Environment (2000-2002); General Director of Territorial Policy (2002-2004), Director of the Tourism Dynamization Plan of the municipality of Santa Susanna (2004-2007) and Managing Director of Services for the people of the El Maresme County Council (2007-2008).

She has also held other positions such as Vice President of the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia, President of the FEMP Consumer and Trade Commission. She is a representative of the Calella City Council in the Health Corporation of Maresme and La Selva or Member of the Executive of the Network of Mayors and Mayors for the Pau de Catalunya.