What information was stolen from the President of the Government from his mobile phone and if that information compromises Pedro Sánchez’s performance as president and his independence. This is the question that, in the opinion of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the chief executive should explain instead of attacking the PP in the control sessions.

It is well known that Alberto Núñez Feijóo is not a deputy, and that is why he cannot confront Pedro Sánchez every Wednesday in the government control session, and the PP’s questions have to be addressed by the party’s general secretary and spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra. But there are other ways to respond to Pedro Sánchez, and more after a control session like the one this morning, around the espionage and dismissal of the director of the CNI.

Feijóo appeared before the press today to respond to Sánchez’s disqualifications of the PP, calling them “hooligans”, with many questions, and among them “what information was spied on from the Government” and above all “what information was spied on from the cell phone of the president of the Government and if that information compromises the actions of the President of the Government and the independence of the President and the security of the State”.

Questions to which, according to Feijóo Sánchez, an answer must be given, not only to the PP, but to the Spaniards, because very serious things have happened that have not received an answer, such as “who has been spied on and why, who ordered the wiretapping, and What reason for these investigations, if the president was not aware of what the CNI does and did following the instructions of the Government; why does the Government continue to speak of external and internal espionage? We continue, he added, “without any explanation”

Although Feijóo was forced to come to the fore, considering what is happening very serious and that the president’s attitude is only that of “hiding behind smoke screens to cover the shortcomings of his management and the weakness of his president” , as he thinks he did this morning attacking the PP with disqualifications, to which he did not want to respond, although he could have reminded him of his corruption cases, they assure the PP, but in his opinion the espionage case requires speaking seriously and rigorously “Fleeing the nervousness, the disqualification and the tantrum of the control session”, because seeing Sánchez with that tantrum “is a caricature of a Prime Minister”.

With this, what the popular leader has wanted to demonstrate, according to PP sources, is that there is another way of doing politics that is not based on disqualification, but on argumentation and above all on a feature that Feijóo shows off every institutionality, respect for the contrary, because you can fight with arguments, but not with insults, they say.

For this reason, Feijóo, in his appearance at the PP headquarters in Santiago de Compostela, after the investiture session of his successor, put all the seriousness he could into the situation created, because “Sánchez has once again turned a political problem with his partners in a state crisis”, finding a scapegoat in the person of the director of the CNI to “try to please their pro-independence partners, and without a single explanation”.

In addition, according to Feijóo, the Government has done so “with the shameful and ashamed attitude of those who know that they are humiliating the institutions” and when Sánchez has to choose “between the survival of the Government and the health of the state, he has chosen, as always, the route that he believes guarantees him more time in Moncloa regardless of the price we have to pay for it”, because he refused to agree “with the state parties, that is to say the PP, on state affairs” although he already believes that he has never had the slightest interest in seeking the support of the state parties.

For the president of the PP, Sánchez has surrendered to the demands of some partners who have already shown themselves insatiable” who continue to ask for the dismissal of the Defense Minister, whenever. His conclusion is that “Spain does not deserve a government that has fact of the crisis its natural state”, that “denies any explanation to the Spaniards while going out of its way to entertain its pro-independence partners”, without caring that it is “ending the international image of our country”, because, he said “we are witnessing a self-immolation of the Government that is seriously damaging Spain. Its drift cannot and should not drag our institutions.”

Faced with this situation, Núñez Feijóo addressed not Sánchez, but the Spaniards, to tell them that “they can count on a party that has no other commitment than to defend the general interests of Spain and that will continue to exercise a serious and responsible policy , a state policy” and that the PP “remains committed to national defense, to our rule of law and to actions to guarantee freedom and security in accordance with the Constitution and the laws”.

With this message that Feijóo could not say from the Congress rostrum, the PP leader submitted to the questions of the journalists and made real capers not to answer the many questions they asked him about the abortion bill that today has disclosed by the Government. He did not want to respond three times because he considers that “every time there is a problem they invent a cover-up” and he does not want to become a “commentator on the Government’s media suggestions.”

However, the fourth question was referred to the past and the present, to remember that the fact that minors between 16 and 18 years of age can abort without their parents’ permission was introduced by Zapatero breaking a consensus, that the PP resorted to it and is still pending in the Constitutional Court, and that when the PP governed after Zapatero’s reform it eliminated that possibility. The predictability that Feijóo displays makes it possible to foresee, with that explanation, what the PP will do, he said.