The president of the Popular Party of Castilla-La Mancha, Paco Núñez, announced this Saturday that if he is president of the region in 2023, he will launch a bureaucratic simplification law in the first session. “It cannot be that a freelancer spends more time at the window than working in his business,” he said.

This is how Núñez spoke in Miguel Esteban, at the closing of the event organized by the regional PP under the name ‘Self-employed, the engine of Castilla-La Mancha’, where he stressed the need to reduce bureaucratic procedures so that the self-employed do not have to be more aware of “filling out forms or answering questionnaires than their productive activity,” the PP reported in a press release.

In this sense, he denounced that the socialist governments are causing the self-employed to spend more time “at the window” than in their jobs. “This cannot continue like this, we cannot bore you with paperwork and documentation. This is a very serious damage.” For this reason, Núñez wants to reduce by law the bureaucratic procedures so that the aid reaches the self-employed and SMEs in the region in full and directly.

In addition, he regretted that Castilla-La Mancha is executing only 40 percent of the aid that comes to us from Europe due to Page’s inability to manage European funds. «It is not enough to be nice and give announcements. You have to know how to manage and manage well, “said the regional president of the PP.

In addition, he assured that today the main problem that the self-employed in the country and the region have is that the socialist governments “do not believe in the work of the self-employed and that, for this reason, they permanently attack them.” He added that “the productive model of the PSOE does not go through the self-employed, and when your government does not believe in that model and is dedicated to attacking you, it is impossible for that productive model to succeed.”

Given this situation, Núñez insisted on the need to “extrapolate” to Castilla-La Mancha the economic model of the communities governed by the PP and the urgency of implementing measures to favor the self-employed in our region.

Measures that the PP of Castilla-La Mancha will present in the coming days in the Regional Courts as a package of acute for the self-employed, directly and immediately.

In addition, these aids go through launching subsidies to pay the interest on the loans requested during the pandemic and that now “it is difficult for them to repay” and direct liquidity aid so that the self-employed have zero risk of going bankrupt due to non-payment.

It is also committed to allocating 50 percent of the money from the Employment Plan of the municipalities so that the self-employed can hire workers and direct aid of up to 2,500 euros for those self-employed who want to join the labor market and up to 3,500 euros for municipalities less than 5,000 inhabitants, women, young people and people over 45 years of age.