Natisone Tragedy: Investigation Opened for Unanswered Emergency Calls

An investigation for manslaughter against unknown persons has been opened by the Udine Prosecutor’s Office into the tragedy of the Natisone, the swollen river which swept away three young people between the ages of 20 and 25. Prosecutor Massimo Lia stated in a press conference that they will be conducting all necessary investigations to determine whether the rescue was timely. However, at present, there are no specific elements pointing in that direction, even though the checks are in the initial phase.

Patrizia Cormos made four phone calls to the single emergency number 112, with the last call going unanswered. The first call was placed at 1.29 pm, followed by others in the minutes immediately after. The entire event unfolded over a period of approximately half an hour, transitioning from apparent tranquility to the tumultuous flow of the Natisone river overwhelming them.

Prosecutor Massimo Lia emphasized that everything will be thoroughly examined, including the helicopter used for the rescue, warning signs about the bathing ban and drowning risks, and the timing from the first alarm to the arrival of the rescuers. Patrizia’s mother expressed her distress, noting that bystanders were taking photos and videos instead of helping. She highlighted the importance of taking action rather than filming, especially considering her daughter’s attempts to seek help.

The funeral home for Patrizia Cormos and Bianca Doros has opened, with the two young women dressed in traditional wedding attire from their native Romania. Cristian Casan Molnar, the third individual involved, remains missing. The local Red Cross Committee is aiding in the search efforts, with the mayor of Premariacco urging rescuers to work diligently to bring closure to the families involved. The community continues to hold out hope for a positive outcome amidst this tragic event.