Friday rain sets daily records in Little Rock and North Little Rock, leads to water rescues

The recent heavy rainfall in Little Rock and North Little Rock on Friday has set daily records and led to multiple water rescues in the area. The downpour caused flooding in several neighborhoods, prompting emergency responders to spring into action to ensure the safety of residents.

According to the National Weather Service, Little Rock received 3.5 inches of rain on Friday, breaking the previous record for the date set in 2010. North Little Rock also experienced significant rainfall, with 4 inches recorded, surpassing the previous record by 1.5 inches.

The excessive rainwater led to flash floods in low-lying areas, trapping some residents in their homes and vehicles. Emergency crews, including firefighters and swift water rescue teams, worked tirelessly to evacuate those in danger and provide assistance to those affected by the flooding.

Local authorities have issued a warning for residents to remain vigilant and avoid driving through flooded roadways. The Arkansas Department of Transportation has reported several road closures due to high water levels, urging motorists to find alternate routes to ensure their safety.

As the cleanup efforts continue and residents assess the damage caused by the heavy rainfall, community support and assistance are crucial in helping those affected recover from this natural disaster. The impact of the Friday rain in Little Rock and North Little Rock serves as a reminder of the importance of preparedness and response in the face of unpredictable weather events.

In conclusion, the Friday rain in Little Rock and North Little Rock not only set daily records but also resulted in water rescues and widespread flooding. The community’s resilience and the swift action of emergency responders highlight the importance of solidarity in times of crisis. As residents work together to overcome the challenges brought by the heavy rainfall, the spirit of unity and support shines through in the face of adversity.