The street repair plan will be announced at the next citizen meeting. It is one of the major thoroughfares in the city, with more than 9900 vehicles using it each day. It is one the most important projects in the 2020-2026 mandate.

Its design provides security which is highly expected by its inhabitants. Its purpose is to reduce speed and share space with pedestrians, cyclists, and cars.

This project has been in existence for many years. The municipality performed many preliminary works, including the burial of electrical cables, the repair of water networks, and the sanitation.

It is now the total renovation that has been planned. The construction should start in the fall 2022 and finish in the summer 2023. The cost of financing the project has been estimated to be EUR1.40million. The Arcachon North Basin Urban Community, (Coban), will contribute 550,000 Euros and the Department 268,000 Euros.