Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott experienced a significant decrease in his running ability after sustaining a serious ankle injury. Mike McCarthy, Cowboys coach, doesn’t believe that will be the case for 2022.

McCarthy stated today that he intends to increase the Cowboys’ quarterback runs this season. McCarthy claimed that Prescott looks fully healed from his ankle injury and is ready to make more plays using his legs than last year.

McCarthy stated that Prescott is faster, more flexible, and leaner than last year thanks to his offseason training.

Prescott ran the ball for the first five years. He averaged 5.1 yards per run and 1.5 rushing first-downs per game between 2016 and 2020. Prescott’s 2021 average was 3.0 yards per play and 0.4 rushing touchdowns per game.

Prescott’s ability to use his legs better in 2022 opens up many possibilities for the Cowboys offense, which was excellent last year even without Prescott being able do everything.