Tylor Megill started strong in Tuesday’s game against the Marlins, racking up eight strikeouts in the first four innings with a 2-1 lead. However, he ran into trouble in the fifth inning, throwing 27 pitches and allowing Miami to take the lead with a Bryan De La Cruz double that scored two runs.

The Mets’ defensive struggles were highlighted in this game, with third baseman Mark Vientos committing an error that allowed the go-ahead run to score. Manager Carlos Mendoza acknowledged that defensive lapses have been a recurring issue for the team this season, with 44 errors and a minus-6 outs above average rating.

Despite Megill’s early dominance, he was pulled from the game in the fifth inning in favor of left-hander Danny Young, who managed to stop the Marlins’ offensive momentum by striking out Jesús Sánchez. Unfortunately, the Mets were unable to mount a comeback against Marlins pitcher Jesús Luzardo, who stifled their offense for the rest of the game.

The Mets’ inability to capitalize on scoring opportunities and their defensive miscues ultimately cost them the game, extending their struggles in the midst of a challenging season. Moving forward, the team will need to address their defensive issues and find ways to generate more run support for their pitchers to be competitive in future matchups.