French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated on Monday that the European Union will continue to help Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression and that the objective continues to be to obtain a ceasefire as soon as possible. But, at the same time, the owner of the Elysee has given guarantees to Russia that the intention is not to humiliate it or apply revenge.

In a speech before the European Parliament, in Strasbourg, on the occasion of the closing of the Conference on the future of Europe, Macron condemned Moscow’s “unilateral decision” to invade Ukraine. According to the French president, it is necessary “for justice to speak” in the face of “unspeakable crimes” committed by Russian troops. He has not given details on how these crimes will be prosecuted.

Macron has insisted that a truce be sought as soon as possible to avoid escalation and prevent the conflict from spreading to other countries on the continent. However, assistance of all kinds to Kyiv will continue to ensure that Russia does not get away with it and that Ukraine regains territorial integrity.

Looking to the future, the French leader has promised that the EU will be deeply involved in the reconstruction of Ukraine, which he already considered, in fact, for its courage and the values ​​it defends, as “a heart member of our Europe “. At the same time, he evoked the need “for a new security balance” in Europe in which Russia must participate. Macron urged “never give in to the temptation of humiliation or the spirit of revenge.”