The City Council of León has paid tribute to 27 couples from León who celebrate their Golden, Diamond and Platinum Weddings this year, in an act that was presided over by the mayor of León, José Antonio Diez, and which was attended by the councilor of Mayores, Lourdes González, as well as other members of the Municipal Corporation.

The Hall of the Kings of the San Marcelo City Council has hosted this celebration within the 2022 Conference for the Elderly, in which recognition has been given to 22 couples who celebrate their Golden Anniversary this year, 50 years of marriage, four couples celebrating their Diamond Anniversary, 60 years of marriage, and a married couple celebrating their Platinum Anniversary, 65 years together.

The mayor of León has highlighted the “authentic honor” that this act represents for the Consistory with “representatives of a group as important as the elderly”, whom he has referred to as “transmitters of the best values ​​they have done of Leonese society what it is today”.

José Antonio Diez recalled that for years the León City Council has been paying tribute to couples married 50, 60 or 65 years ago, which is “an excuse to pay tribute to all the older people of León for everything they have done in these decades and a tribute to those who have opted for a joint life in the city».

After the intervention of the mayor of León, each of the couples present at the event received a diploma and a bouquet of flowers. The tribute closed with a performance from the tambourine classroom of the Municipal School of Music, Theater and Performing Arts.