In the trial of a suspected triple murder by Starnberg against two men, the defense of one of the accused is demanding that their client be acquitted. He “neither planned the crime nor made any preparations,” it said in his defense attorney’s plea before the Munich II Regional Court on Thursday.

After the violent death of a young man and his parents in January 2020, the Munich II public prosecutor had demanded thirteen and a half years in prison for the 22-year-old friend of the young man who was killed. The prosecution also demanded thirteen and a half years in prison for the man’s alleged accomplice. His defense now spoke out for a year and nine months in prison for a robbery that the accused has admitted.

The procedure for the murder of a family in Starnberg near Munich in Upper Bavaria has been going on for almost a year and a half.

The public prosecutor assumes that the accused wanted to get their friend’s guns, which he owned illegally. The main defendant, who largely confessed, is said to have murdered the family, and the co-defendant drove him to the scene of the crime. He is accused of murder as an accomplice because he is said to have helped plan his friend’s death – wrongly, as his lawyers emphasized on Thursday.

The defense attorney’s plea for the main accused is planned for next Monday; the verdict could then possibly fall on the same day.