“Clearly it’s questioning. We would have a lobby that would be close to the minister’s office. The former Minister of Ecological Transformation’s reaction to this Friday’s May 27th posting on France Info is unambiguous. Barbara Pompili reflects on the politics of hiring: the departure from Eleonore Laprettre, who was in the public service to Phyteis (the main lobby for agrochemical firms), looks back. Problem? This is Marc Fesneau’s former chief of staff, who was appointed Minister of Agriculture by the Borne government.

“We can tell that she didn’t know Marc Fesneau would become Minister of Agriculture at the time she applied for this job,” nuance Barbara Pompili. This “very powerful” pesticide lobby “has daily connections with the Ministry of Agriculture.” The former Minister of Ecological Transformation said, “And we know how close the relationships that are made in the cabinets are.”

According to Context, Eleonore Leprettre is on her way to become, starting June 1, the new director for communication and public affairs at Phyteis. This lobby represents the largest group of agrochemical companies. According to Context, the one who worked alongside the former minister responsible in relations with Parliament could find herself in a position to direct negotiations with Marc Fesneau’s new ministry.

According to “Le Monde”, Eleonore Leprettre took the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life, (HATVP), on April 26 in order to leave the public sector. The institution gave him a positive opinion on May 16. The usual reservations made by the authority generally forbid any public official who has changed to the private sector to interfere with his former administration or former colleagues for two to three years,” recalls the national newspaper.

The announcement of this hiring is not accepted in the political sphere. Socialist Party leader Olivier Faure criticized the timing of this hiring on Twitter.

“The quinquennium season 2 lobbies Yannick Jadot, ex-candidate to the presidency election of EELV, protests that it is absolutely scandalous considering the food, health, and environmental emergencies.

Loic Prud’homme, the “rebellious deputy”, accuses him of: “Always these shameful practices of slipping and retropantouflaged of the macronie. Lobbyists are not the government listening ear, they are it!

This isn’t the first time that a golden “pantouflage”, or a golden “pantouflage”, has been questioned. These back and forths between private and public were quite common during Emmanuel Macron’s first five year term. She was a Veolia executive and became Secretary of State to Ecological Transition Minister in 2017. She was a Member of Parliament from 2020. In 2017, she became Secretary of State to the Minister for Ecological Transition. After her term ended, she joined the Accor group as director of sustainable developments. Many government advisers have moved into the private sector since 2017, such as Juliette Oury (an adviser at Bercy) who joined Eurazeo (a private investment company), or Margaux Bonneau (a Nestle health adviser, who was appointed as business manager). public.

Recent example: In May, the HATVP approved “with reservations” Jean-Baptiste Djebbari’s departure as Minister Delegate for Transport to the Hopium board of directors. Hopium is a start-up that specializes in hydrogen vehicles. HATVP prevented the former minister from being elected executive vice-president of the CMA-CGM’s space division. This was due to ethical risks and conflicts of interests.