“It is aberrant that I am treated by a person with FP instead of a nurse.” These have been the statements of Carlos San Juan, promoter of the campaign against banking ‘I’m older, not an idiot’ and a urologist by profession, who have “deeply” outraged nurses.

After participating in the III Ibero-American Congress and XXVIII National Congress of the Spanish Society of Geriatric and Gerontological Nursing, held in Seville, the old man who challenged the banking giants reviewed certain current issues related to the medical function, among others the degrees of training for different positions.

“As a close user, I would certainly like adequate specialized care at home, since I prefer to be in my comfort zone,” argued San Juan in statements to the portal Diarioenfermero.es.

«I want to be treated by a person with the more experience, the more specialized and the more humanism he has, the better. I want the best for myself », she added.

The statements that have outraged different groups and unions of nurses in Spain focused on the care of health professionals with vocational training studies. “I find it aberrant that a person with an FP1 of 150 hours treats me,” he commented.

Such words have “deeply” offended Nursing Care technicians, who describe the “contempt shown towards these professionals and the lack of knowledge shown towards the Spanish educational system” as “abnormal”.

«A Vocational Training degree is neither FP1 nor is it 150 hours of training. What is aberrant is the distortion of reality that it causes by confusing the competencies of each category”, they assert from the Nursing Technicians Union.

The union alliance reminds San Juan that “the care, the observation of changes in the patient and many other situations that he cites are the responsibility of these technicians and not so much of the nurses, who actually have other functions.”

«The TCE are not idiots either. We are health professionals, just like him, even though it weighs him down because health is a chain of different links and we deserve the same respect that he has demanded from banking entities, ”condemns the union.

However, the union “is not going to bother to apologize publicly for his” abhorrent statements “, which “seem to show that he is older and not an idiot, but that he is tremendously out of touch with the current health situation.”

“Yes, we allow ourselves to remind you that when you have to go to a health center, keep your words in mind because, without a doubt, you will have the best care, but it will not be nurses who will attend to you, but Nursing Care technicians with great experience, adequate specialization and, of course, the humanism that he has not shown with his statements,” the union concludes in its statement.

Months ago, Carlos San Juan, a native of Zamora and a Valencian by adoption, rose as the champion of the fight against banks to achieve better face-to-face care for the elderly in their respective branches.

A bureaucratic fight against giants in which he got more than 600,000 signatures on Change.org, which were presented at the headquarters of the Bank of Spain to demand decent treatment for the elderly. For the moment, it has managed to get a large part of the financial sector to extend window service hours and the commitment to stop the closure of branches in rural areas.