Juan Jose Benitez (Pamplona 1946) is back to investigate and continues his strict discipline of writing every day, traveling with his field notebook, and investigating any testimonies about the UFO phenomenon. It would all be the same. But it’s not. Blanca, who has “helped” him for 40 years, has been missing from his daily life since last year. His most recent book, “In White and Black” (Planeta), is dedicated to Blanca. It’s a personal and intimate journal of the last 280 days in the life of her husband, who died last January from cancer.

He says, “It was so traumatic that, when it was done, I thought it might have been useful to tell people about it for those who might be going through it.” Blanca and the journalist turned his book into a journal, in which he recalls the good times that they had before the tragic moment. The couple had many adventures throughout the globe, searching for stories, testimonies, and cases that dealt with UFOs or other mysterious phenomena. This writer, along with Blanca, created the Trojan Horse saga. In it, he “met” The Blue Father, which he describes as one of the creator gods in the Universe and Jesus of Nazareth the ‘Boss.

According to the investigator when Blanca was in terrible pain from cancer, he asked the ‘Boss to help her. “At that point I felt abandoned by the ‘Boss. I didn’t get it. He begged her to get down on his knees, and gave me my life for hers. But all she had was silence. I half understood. I understand that every person has their “contract” (an agreement, as Benitez explains it in Trojan Horse) that they sign before being born. It states that they agree to how their life on Earth will be. If it is true, then you must fulfill it. Benitez now assures Blanca that Blanca is “alive, in another location, in an other place, and she’s fine.”

JJ Benitez is not a fan of “computers” and prefers the Olivetti machines. He remembers how he felt when he began writing ‘In Black and White. “I was in a horrible situation. It was difficult to recall what had happened each day, which made it very hard for me to go back. He says that it was also therapy and helped to recover all of the memories. “I haven’t got over it. It’s been 16 months, and I’ve made some progress. “I need to take some time to organize myself,” says the Navarran journalist who claimed to have thirty books in progress and is currently working on another.