Fernando Mendez-Leite, a film director, has been elected president of the Film Academy. He replaces Mariano Barroso with the support 348 academics of the institution (out of an overall 820 votes).

Four candidates were presented for the office of president: Valerie Delpierre (Direction), Luisa Gavasa (Production), Teresa Medina (Mendez-Leite) and himself. Mendez-Leite, Directorion, formed a team that included Rafael Portela (Production), first vice president and Susi Sanchez(Interpretation), second vice president.

Half of the Board of Directors was also renewed on this day. Only academics have had access to the Assembly. They can vote online or by mail and have been able exercise their right of vote during the Assembly. It has been stated by the Academy that it was one of the most participatory days in recent years.

The Madrid headquarters was open from 10:00 to 11:30 for academics who have the right to vote.

Mendez-Leite’s candidacy prevailed over Valerie Delpierre’s (Documentary), who was presented accompanied Amparo Climent and Alicia Luna (Screenplay). Luisa Gavasa, Interpretation had the support and encouragement of Juan Vicente Cordoba and Virginia Yague.

Additionally, Teresa Medina (Director Of Photography) presented her candidacy. The Pilar Perez Solano and Cristina Rodriguez (Costume Design), were the only technicians.