Liverpool faces Real Madrid this Saturday in the 2022 Champions League final. Both teams will play at the Stade de France in Paris for the title of winner in the highest European competition to enlarge the history and record of their respective clubs .

This match will be the 10th final for the British, who could advance in the ranking of Champions League trophies. However, for this they will have to beat the white club, which is the team that has won the most Cups in history, with up to 13 titles.

[The teams with the most Champions League in history]

Liverpool is not far behind, which has managed to climb little by little to the third position of the most Champions teams, which it occupies together with Bayern Munich.

The final in Paris could be the perfect opportunity to catch up with AC Milan, who are currently in second place.

But how many Champions Leagues has Real Madrid won? Who has each of these finals played against?

Liverpool has become one of the teams in Europe with the most Champions Leagues. During its 66-year history, the English club have won more than six European titles and could climb to second place if they beat Madrid on Saturday.

45 years have passed since the ‘reds’ won their first Champions League. They did it in 1977 against Borussia Monchengladbach, in a final held in Rome where they managed to win with a clear 3-1. They did not take long to conquer the second in their history, which came against Bruges in 1978.

They conquered the third in 1981, precisely against Real Madrid, whom they beat 1-0. For its part, in 1984, Liverpool became the first team to decide the fate of a Champions League final on penalties: they did so by beating Roma after a 1-1 draw that also went into extra time.

However, the next final was almost 20 years in the making. It was in 2005, when the English team had to face an extreme comeback to beat Milan on penalties. A rematch that the Italians ended up taking just two years later, when they also won the final.

Liverpool played their two Champions League finals in 2018 and 2019. In the first of them, Real Madrid was their executioner: they lost 3-1 in kyiv. A victory that they did end up taking the following year in Madrid, after beating Tottenham 2-0.