Overnight stays in hotel establishments in Castilla y León almost quadrupled last April compared to the same month last year and reached 696,166, compared to just over 188,000 in April 2021, when Holy Week was celebrated in March and when The effects of the pandemic weighed down the tourism sector.

In addition, the increase in travelers was even greater in the Community, since from just over 100,000 last year, it has risen to 407,243, according to data provided today by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and collected by the Ical Agency.

In the whole of Spain, during the month of April, overnight stays in hotel establishments exceeded 25.1 million, which represents an increase of 507 percent compared to the same month of 2021, when there were 4.1 million.

In Castilla y León, 1,196 accommodations remained open in April, with 56,752 places offered, and 6,122 people employed.

By provinces, significant increases in overnight stays were recorded in all of them. The largest was registered in Segovia, with a rebound of 572.2 percent, going from 14,213 to 77,623.

Salamanca and Ávila followed, with rises of 426.78 and 361.08 percent, respectively. Thus, Salamanca closed April with 150,486 overnight stays, and Ávila, with 52,905. Next comes Burgos with a 332.67 percent increase to 112,817, followed by Palencia, with a 255.61 percent increase to 29,876.

For its part, Zamora, with 247.03 percent more, added 36,108; León, with 231.85 percent more, 106,091; Valladolid, with a rise of 213.07 percent, reached 93,573, and Soria, with 207.35 percent more, 37,370.

As for travellers, the increases were also very significant and once again Segovia was in the lead, with an increase of 446.14 percent, to 38,545. Salamanca, from 397.46 percent, to 85,285, and the rises of Ávila (379 percent more, to 31,372 travelers), and Burgos (307.3 percent and 73,861) were also significant.

The rest were below the regional average. Zamora added 256.45 percent more, up to 20,815; Valladolid, 213.74 percent more and 55,313; Palencia, 205.7 percent more and 16,849, and León, 159 percent more, and 65,600 travelers.