Make new from old, that’s how you could describe pour-over coffee makers. Everyone who has enjoyed the black-brown hot drink probably knows filter coffee. It can be brewed by a filter coffee machine or by hand. Put the coffee filter on the cup or pot, put in the filter paper and freshly ground coffee, pour in hot water and the filter coffee is ready. Why pour-over coffee makers have charm and even made it to the “Museum of Modern Arts” (MoMA) ?

Pour-over coffee makers simply combine filter and container. This makes the gadget a practical companion for anyone who likes to enjoy hand-filter coffee. There are two versions: either both are connected or can be placed on top of each other. As usual, fill the filter with ground coffee and pour hot water over it.

The capacity is important for the purchase decision. Do you want to brew coffee for yourself or do you need more volume? In addition, you can choose between different materials for the filters. There are those that also require a paper filter or options that are made of stainless steel or glass. The latter offer the advantage of being reusable and doing without a paper filter. This saves money and waste.

This coffee maker is suitable for about four cups. The special feature is the glass hand filter with a diamond look. The glass jug has one with a lid, so the coffee stays warm longer. It is a model where the filter and jug are not related. That means cleaning is done separately.

However, models that combine filter and pot are also suitable as pour-over coffee makers. In this case, the fine filter is made of stainless steel and does not require a paper filter. You can choose between a cork or silicone strap, so you can easily touch the coffee maker. Overall, the container holds half a liter.

The design of this coffee maker is simple and timeless. The “Chemex” series of kitchen appliances by the German chemist Peter Schlumbohm combines kitchen and laboratory and has even made it into the famous “Museum of Modern Arts” in New York. When the inventor immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1935, he invented the famous Chemex coffee maker, which was inspired by the Erlenmeyer flask. The coffee maker can even be seen in “James Bond: From Russia with Love”.

This coffee maker separates the filter and pot from each other with the help of a practical frame. The set includes three parts and the ceramic hand filter is dishwasher safe. The heat-resistant glass jug rests on a silicone base and holds 0.65 liters of coffee.

If you don’t want to brew a lot of coffee, this compact pour-over coffee maker is the right choice, as it only holds 0.4 litres. Practical: Thanks to the stainless steel filter, the coffee brewer works without paper.

Those: MoMa

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