There are a number of foods that are debatable about how and where to store them. Butter? Tomatoes? chocolate spread? Ketchup? In the fridge – or in the uncooled pantry? However, friendships and family ties are said to have been broken over such disputes, because the question of the refrigerator can spark an extraordinary passion in some people. Surpassed only by the question of whether it is called “der”, “die” or “das” Nutella …

The Heinz company, known among other things for various barbecue sauces, probably meant well when it recently tweeted: “By the way: ketchup belongs in the fridge!” After all, who should know better than one of the most popular ketchup manufacturers? The tweet reached more than five million people – and not everyone agreed with the company. Of course not.

“So you all eat cold ketchup on top of hot food?” someone asked in the comments, seemingly disgusted. Another Twitter user agreed, “Eeeewww cold ketchup!” A woman comments: “In restaurants it’s not in the fridge either, but the opened bottles are on the tables!” However, many ketchup fans apparently follow the rule: as long as the bottle has not been opened, it can be left outside the refrigerator, but then inside.

This is what Heinz recommends. Although ketchup would keep for a long time without refrigeration due to the acid it contains, it will keep even longer in the fridge. This also prevents an unsightly brown discoloration. Incidentally, the company also asked people on Twitter how they had previously stored their ketchup: 63.2 percent of those surveyed voted for a refrigerator, 36.8 percent for a pantry. However, one prankster commented: “In the fridge or the pantry, I don’t care. The main thing is not in the food!”

Sources: CNN, Twitter