Succeeding in cracking the shell of nuts means earning the right to taste them in your own way. In a salad, on a sundae, mixed with dried fruit, inside a muffin, sautéed with vegetables… Nuts will make your meals and snacks tasty and crunchy!

Because freshly ground nutmeg is tastier than powdered spice bought at the grocery store, opt for this grinder as easy to use as a pepper shaker when enhancing your recipes and coffees. It allows you to grind only the desired quantity, then to preserve the nuts while preserving their oils and aromas. > $28.50

This Westmark nutcracker in beech wood looks strangely like a mushroom that would rub shoulders with nuts in nature or in a recipe. By rotating its upper part, the screw presses and breaks the shell of your favorite nut placed just below, to finally taste it! > $19.95

To open the shell of a nut while keeping the fruit intact, all you have to do is insert a hazelnut, a walnut or an almond into the aluminum cup of this accessory, then exert pressure on its beechwood handles. Then, to dislodge the fruit, all that remains is to turn the nutcracker over by tapping gently on the cup. > $45.50

Here’s everything you need to concoct drinks based on nuts, but also oats, coconut or soy, by controlling all the ingredients that compose them. The set includes two kilner jars (0.5 litres) with a wide mouth, a practical silicone splash guard during mixing, a stainless steel plunger that separates the liquid from the nut pulp, a silicone pourer and a lid Stainless steel. > $49.97