Spring-like temperatures in Germany will be followed by a cold snap at the weekend. A cold front is moving across the country and “lives up to its name,” said meteorologist Tobias Reinartz from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach.

The maximum values ​​nationwide on Saturday only reached 9 to 13 degrees, said Reinartz. In the extreme southeast of Bavaria, where the cold front passes through the latest, possibly 15 degrees. “Classic April weather is on the agenda with numerous showers and isolated sleet thunderstorms. There will also be snow in the higher mountains.”

On Sunday night it will remain cloudy and, according to the DWD, thundery showers will occur in regions. Above 500 meters it can snow. The lowest values ​​are between 5 and minus 2 degrees.

The DWD also expects changeable weather with showers and isolated thunderstorms on Sunday. “There is snow again in the higher mountains,” explained Reinartz. With only 6 to 10 degrees at the top, and in the higher mountains only just above 0 degrees, it is even getting a little cooler. On Monday night it will clear up locally, in the Ore Mountains and on the edge of the Alps it may snow for longer, with lows of 5 to 0 degrees. Light frost occurs, especially in mountainous areas.

“Next week the weather seems to be on a kind of ‘reparations tour’,” predicted meteorologist Reinartz. It will be milder again, with maximum temperatures largely in the range between 10 and 15 degrees. There is also a mostly dry mix of sun and clouds.