800 passengers have been evacuated from a broken down ICE near Halle (Saale). The express train on the way from Berlin to Zurich stopped in the afternoon due to a technical fault, a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn said in the evening.

Accordingly, the train was able to continue briefly in summer temperatures before stopping again on the Saale-Elster viaduct south of Halle.

According to the information, the emergency management of Deutsche Bahn took care of the evacuation and the travelers on site. The passengers had changed to another train on the open route and would be taken to a nearby station.

Since the power on the train had failed in the meantime, the air conditioning did not work for around two hours, said the railway spokeswoman. So nobody was injured. Police officers and Bundeswehr soldiers who happened to be present on the train supported the railway staff in taking care of the passengers. According to the spokeswoman, there were no further operational disruptions.