Erató Fest turns five years old in 2022. It represents the consecration of a key cultural and leisure event for Toledo that has not stopped growing. Erató Fest evolves giving more weight to music, which for the fifth consecutive year will take place on monumental stages in the city. This interdisciplinary non-profit festival, organized by the Apolo Association, will have a main day on October 8 at the San Servando Castle, with the best panoramic view in the world by the Japan Congress and Convention Bureau (Yakei), and another day of prefest on October 7 at the Sephardic Museum, located in the Synagogue of Transit.

The mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón, has participated in the presentation of a first preview of what will be the festival of poetry and acoustic music Erató Fes.

The event took place at the Hotel Eugenia de Montijo, located in the Historic District, and was conducted by the director of the festival, José Julián Uceta. In addition, it has featured performances by dj BITA, Ana Sánchez-Cano and other guest poets. The Councilor for Tourism, Mar Álvarez, has also been at this meeting.

On Saturday, October 8, more than 7 hours of live music await us at the San Servando Castle for the whole family, a party from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. with performances by: DORA, Hermanos Cubero, TéCanela, Lisasinson, Caamaño

The festival enhances its inclusive nature: being aware of the current economic situation and the general rise in prices, Erató Fest is committed to accessibility to quality cultural products, offering popular prices for people with less purchasing power. The ticket price is 10 euros and can already be obtained at Children under 12 years of age may enter, accompanied, completely free of charge.

All attendees will receive a floral crown made by hand by Pecci Arte Floral, a regular collaborator of the festival.

The festival organizes activities parallel to the main program for all ages. The lyric will have, as always, its space in the festival, supporting reading and writing through: poetry readings, open micro, book signings or eco-poetry workshops for children.

Gastronomy could not be missing from this fifth anniversary party: drink and food bars, wine or beer tastings, tasting and promotion of typical products to be enjoyed from noon to night.

Eco-friendly: respectful of the environment, minimal environmental impact with better waste treatment. In addition, it incorporates environmental education activities for the little ones, such as an ecological Fortnite, among others, at the green point that will be established in the Castle.

An egalitarian festival, safe, free of sexist violence. The protocol against sexist attacks will be applied in festive leisure spaces. It includes specific activities on gender equality education, in a new purple dot.

It will have a market throughout the day with flowers, books, crafts, fashion, or merchandising from the participating bands. Local and regional companies will participate in it, to configure a sustainable city, strengthening the social and business fabric through cooperative work and implementing circular economy practices. Pecci Arte Floral, Camomile Bouquet, MAUA, Alhaja Cerámica, Laura P. Privado, La Marihuela, La Mona or Elsa Art Paper are some of the brands that will make up this special and colorful market.

José Julián Uceta, director of the festival, has pointed out that “we look at the rich monumental heritage but also at the human one. Erató Fest is a festival attentive to today, concerned with creating a real connection between artists and audiences, and addressing their concerns and problems through art, mainly music. We have always been interested in creating accessible spaces for coexistence to generate true citizenship. This happens by moving away from elitism, from overcrowding, and betting on greater proximity. That’s how you vibrate more deeply.”

Erató Fest has the institutional sponsorship of the Toledo City Council and Fundación Impulsa CLM – Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, the institutional collaboration of the Sephardic Museum, the main sponsorship of Soundtrack Events, and the collaboration of Pecci Arte Floral, Taiga Bookstores, Toledo Tickets, Multiple Productions and Bamba Editorial; and the designs of Diana Creativa. In addition, it adds CMM Media as the official public communication medium of the festival, amplifying its reach.

The festival is completed with a prefest on October 7 at the Sephardic Museum, whose content will be presented in September.