In summer, when the local tomatoes are really aromatic and delicious, recipes with the nightshade plant are particularly enjoyable. Whether as a star in fruity salads, pasta dishes or in the form of a homemade tomato sauce – the red fruit is popular and makes almost every summer recipe an absolute pleasure.

The tomato, which incidentally comes from America, is part of the tradition in Italian cuisine. In combination with its good Italian friend – the mozzarella – it is an absolute classic and should not be missing in almost any kitchen classic. Incidentally, the most popular varieties in Italy are the Pomodoro Pachino from Sicily, the famous San Marzano tomato from Naples and the Pomodoro Regina from Apulia. But regardless of whether it’s Pachino, San Marzano or Regina – it’s important that the tomatoes are as juicy and aromatic as possible.

In this summery tomato and mozzarella pasta, the vegetables appear in the tried and tested mozzarella combination. Plenty of high-quality olive oil, garlic, basil and oregano make the recipe complete and a true Italian delight, which is absolutely suitable for after work with less than 20 minutes of preparation time. By the way, the pasta tastes great both warm and cold, so it’s also ideal as meal prep and still tastes great the next day.

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