The 13-year-old boy who is said to have killed a homeless man in Dortmund has been housed in a closed facility. The Dortmund police announced this on Monday. The underage child is said to have stabbed the man to death last Thursday at the harbor in the Ruhr area city. The 13-year-old was handed over to his parents and the youth welfare office was contacted.

The suspect was initially placed in a closed facility by the Dortmund Youth Welfare Office on Friday, the investigators said. The city also wanted to comment on this on Monday.

After the crime on Thursday evening, the police arrested another 13-year-old child and two teenagers aged 14 and 15. All four were released from police custody after being questioned. In the case of the two young people, it is being examined whether “criminally relevant behavior” can be proven, a spokesman for the Dortmund public prosecutor’s office said on Saturday. According to current knowledge, they were not involved in the crime.

According to public prosecutor Henner Kruse, a video – it comes from the 14-year-old’s cell phone – shows the 13-year-old’s knife attack. Before the crime there was said to have been a verbal argument between the boy and the later victim.