On Monday, the Bremen regional court sentenced a 44-year-old geriatric nurse to life imprisonment for murder and attempted murder. According to the court’s assessment, the man murdered a patient in a Bremen nursing home in 2019 by giving him an overdose. In another case, the court could not prove that it was the overdose that led to the patient’s death. The judgment is not yet legally binding.

The court found the guilt to be particularly serious. This means that early release from prison after 15 years is legally possible, but in practice it is virtually impossible.

According to the court, the defendant wanted to gain recognition for his actions. In the case of murder, he wanted to distinguish himself by confirming a death. In the case of attempted murder, he provided first aid in order to be able to portray himself as the supposed rescuer.

As a court spokesman announced before the verdict, the closing speeches were held behind closed doors. The demands of those involved in the process were therefore not known. The process began in November 2023.

There are two further charges against the 44-year-old, as the court spokesman announced. The public prosecutor suspects the man of having committed twelve other crimes between 2010 and 2011, including three murders. No decision was initially made about opening new proceedings. The charges are expected to be tried together, the spokesman said.