According to the latest information from the authorities, at least 37 people died in the severe storms in southern Brazil. This was announced by the government of the state of Rio Grande do Sul on Wednesday evening. Another person died in the neighboring state of Santa Catarina.

There is great destruction in the affected region, entire communities are under water, said the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, according to the announcement. You have to expect more deaths. In addition, there are forecasts for renewed heavy rains in the coming days, he warned.

The flooded area is northwest of Porto Alegre, the capital of the state in southern Brazil. According to the announcement, 14 people died in the small town of Muçum on the Taquari River alone. There, residents had to be rescued from the roofs because of the flooding, as reported by the G1 news portal. Schools, shops and hospitals were also flooded. Another nine people were killed in Roca Sales, south of Muçum. In June, 16 people died in storms in the region.

The affected area had been hit by heavy rain and strong winds since Monday. Rivers burst their banks. Entire regions were flooded. Thousands of people had to leave their homes and get to safety, as reported by the G1 news portal. 66 cities were affected by the storms. “I had to hold back the tears several times,” said Leite in view of the destruction and flooding, according to the announcement. He had already expressed his condolences to the bereaved of the dead and promised them support.