Derek Wolfe (Ravens defensive lineman), who was injured and missed the entire last season, had this second hip operation.

Wolfe, 32, posted Monday on social media post-surgery.

Wolfe stated, “Hey guys, just had my second hip operation this year.” “Feeling quite good, very drugged up. We’re going to make a complete recovery and live a normal lifestyle.

In January, he had his first hip surgery.

Wolfe was able to return to work in November, after having been designated for injured reserve due to hip and back injuries.

He is guaranteed $2 million in a fully-secured base salary for 2022, and will be able to add $3.8 million towards the cap. Wolfe is currently under contract until 2023.

Wolfe has played in 10 seasons, and has 350 tackles as well as 34 sacks during his career.