A few days before the expiration of the term granted by the courts to the Generalitat to comply with the ruling that orders 25 percent of Spanish in all educational centers in Catalonia, the associations in defense of bilingualism have launched a campaign aimed at families to encourage them to report schools that do not meet that percentage as of June 1, the deadline for executing the court order.

From the Escuela de Todos platform, led by the Assembly for a Bilingual School (AEB) and made up of 15 associations, they have made a model letter available to families so that they can ask the educational center where their children are enrolled for the compliance of 25 percent of Castilian.

The petition comes after the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) admitted last week the particular legitimacy of the father of two children enrolled in a community institute in the case of the forced execution of 25 percent of Spanish. The interlocutory of the Catalan high court, which was announced last Thursday, gives the green light so that families who wish to can claim that percentage of Spanish in the educational centers in which their children are enrolled.

On the other hand, the platform asks parents for their collaboration to “know the centers that on June 1 have not begun to teach core subjects in Spanish.”

«If your school is one of them, you can inform us in our e-mail: escueladetodosya@gmail.com indicating the name of the center and population and other information that you consider important. With this information we will proceed to report the breach, ”the platform indicates to families on its website.